Summer Health Tips

The summer season is slowly inching its way upon us and we all know what that means. BBQs, ice-cream runs, vacations, not to mention the plethora of social events containing endless assortments of delicious appetizers and alcoholic beverages. Soon the gym routine, you may be so religiously following, may have to bump up a notch in order to satisfy those extra calories you find yourself consuming. However, it does not have to be that way! Want to have your cake and eat it too? It is certainly possible. Besides sneaking in those extra calorie burning activities, knowing how to portion your food choices and choosing the best options, is the secret ingredient.

BBQs: If you aren’t making your own, the best way to have the most nutritious burger is by loading it up with those vegetables! Vegetables contain insoluble fiber, which keep you full longer because your body can not break it down as fast. That’s good! However, be wary of condiments; some of these sneaky extras can easily add calories. Your best bet is to head towards the mustard or ketchup bottles. Better yet, load that whopper up with vegetables and you may find yourself surprised that you do not even need that extra flavor of a condiment. 

If you are making your own burger, check out Eating or Click Here for healthy and delicious burger recipes.

Ice-Cream/Vacations: Yes, it’s okay to splurge a little throughout the summer. If you are craving these sweet cold treats, many places have healthy options to choose from. Yogurt or sherbet is always a sure bet. If you want a topping, go for dark chocolate, nuts, or even dried fruit!

Social Events: Appetizers can be easily addicting. They’re so small and innocent looking, no way could one of those be 100+ calories! They can and they are! There are a couple of ways you can avoid those extra calories:

1. Eat prior to your event. Choose something low in calories and high in fiber. Lean meat (like chicken or fish) and a small side salad can do the trick.

2. Make these appetizers your entrée and eat well throughout the day. 

3. Portion yourself! Take a plate and right away add the items you would like to try onto your plate. This way, you will see how many munchies you have chosen, and don’t go back for more!

4. Avoid foods with a cream base, made with cheese, or require a dipping sauce. These usually have the most calories.

Alcoholic beverages: Did you know alcohol has 7 calories/gram, almost as much as fat (9 cals/gram)?! Your body does not like alcohol in its system, therefore you metabolize out the alcohol calories before anything. A good word of advice: Never drink on an empty stomach!

Beer: Varies with the type of beer, most contain the nutrition facts on the can or bottle

Red Wine: 3.5 oz- 85 calories

White Wine: 3.5 oz- 70 calories

Vodka: 1.5 oz 104 calorie

Whiskey: 1.5 oz- 133 calories

Gin: 1.5 oz 104 calories

Tequila: 1oz- 70 calories

Frozen Daiquiri: 12 oz- approx. 1200 calories!!





Remember, it’s okay to treat yourself once in a while, but make sure you are aware of what else you’re sipping through a straw or poppin’ into your mouth. 😉

Have a great summer!






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