Whaaat the…?

If you have to ask this question upon reading the ingredients in an item you are about to buy or eat, you should prrrrrobably just put it back down. 

Now, I am not saying that the occasional dontknowexactlywhatsinit treat is off limits, because lets be real… they made for quite the perfect late night snack in my college days (you know the nights I’m talking about). Did anyone else eat dino nuggets? No? Just my roommates and I? Ohhh…

A treat here or there is OKAY. But just be fair warned that what you’re about to salivate over is not doing anything good for your body. You don’t care? You should.  At least be mindful that you might want to eat something real the next day. Trust me. It’ll ultimately help your hangover more. 

Did you know bananas are the superfood go-to when it comes to milking a hangover? 

There are so many foods, condiments, drinks out there that literally aren’t real. As in, nothing about it even comes close to being real. Not. one. single. ingredient.  Gross. 

I recently ran across this article from the Huffington Post that I thought I’d share with ya’ll. 

19 Foods That Aren’t Food

Check it out! You might be surprised. 😉



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