Motivation Monday (…it’s back!)

…yeah, yeah, yeah I know it’s Tuesday. Ohhh well.

Since getting back into a work schedule, I noticed how I am often exhausted after clocking out for the day. My type of job involves being on your feet for sometimes up to 9 straight hours with only a half hour break to sit down. Needless to say, working out is the LAST thing from my mind. Can I get an amen?

However, I always still find some way to get motivated enough to work up a sweat. Ya know what? I never ever regret it.



I thought today would be a good time to talk about ways to motivate yourself to work out after a long day at the office. 

Here are things I do:

  1. Bring my workout clothes with me to work.  I have noticed that when I make a conscious effort in the morning to bring my workout clothes with me, I think about them all day. Not kidding. They seem to jump out at me as well when I get into my car at the end of the day, like they’re screaming, “HIIIIII, WE’RE HEEEERE. LET’S GO PLAY!”  Silly clothes.
  2. Prepare a work out plan in my head while at work. Sometimes I allow my mind to wonder a little while I work. I like to think of exercises that I’m actually in the mood to do and I let myself get excited for it! Usually this pumps me up and gets me looking forward to doing the workout. 
  3. Workout at home. I do this a lot. My particular gym isn’t my most favorite gym I have ever joined, so recently, I have been doing a lot more bodyweight high intensity exercises at home. Usually these last no longer than 25 min and require a pair of dumbbells at most. If they require any other gym equipment, I get creative and use things around the house. Chairs work wonders! Knowing that I don’t have to spend the extra time driving somewhere (which can easily add a half hour or more to any workout time) and I can get a really good workout in a small amount of time, often excites me more than a mundane weight workout at the gym. 
  4. Schedule your workouts. Make them priority, people! Early on in the week, I will usually schedule my two days off on days when I can already predict the days in which i knowwww I will absolutely not want to work out. (Yes, you’re allowed to have 2-3 days off a week). That way, when those days roll around, the pressure to workout isn’t there.
  5. Any workout is better than no workout. ‘Nuff said. 


Today I completed THIS WORKOUT. Let me tell you, it was not easy, but it is definitely a good one! 



What is your favorite way to stay motivated to workout when it is the LAST thing you want to do??






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Motivation Monday (…er Tuesday)!


I really hope your day is going well. Mine is flying by! 

I decided to start a segment called, “Motivation Monday,” in which every Monday, I’ll post something that motivated me mentally and physically that will hopefully help you all stay motivated for the week! I know, I know today is Tuesday, buuuut better late than never, right?! Thought so. Which brings me to my next motivational point… 

It’s better late than never…so start NOW.

This idea came to me this morning when I was completing this workout. My gosh was it a killer. She kills me EVERY. TIIIME. But I mean, LOOK at her. It’s obvious that she works hard for that killer bod, so that must mean that’s what ya gotta do to get lookin’ like that! I literally had to PUSH myself and think of motivating words as I was silently speaking words of hatred. Between being super sore from my leg workout and my arm/spinning workout yesterday, my body just did not want to do a thing. Which is why I’m taking the day off tomorrow. 😉   WOOT WOOT to rest days!

So today I leave you with one of my favorite quotes and some encouraging words…

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.








What’s your favorite motivation? Motivational quote?