Long time, no see!


I am alive. I’ve missed you!

The past couple of weeks have been so gosh darn busy, time just seemed to slip out of my hands. Good things have happened, however! I got a job! Yay! I’m working part-time at an outdoor store. Pretty excited about it 

With that, I’ve also picked up something I never thought of picking up before…




My uncle came into town last weekend and took me to a driving range. Literally my first time, ever. He told me what to do, like, where to stand, and then had me take a swing. He just laughed and said, “oh my gosh! You’re a natural!” Being a competitive person, I don’t get it…but from what people are telling me, I’m pretty good!  Yay!

You guys. I love it.

My family and I took a little mini overnight trip to a local resort around here that happened to have a golf course attached to it. My grandparents are avid golfers, as well as my uncle, so they were more than willing to let me play with them. Probably the biggest surprise I have had in a looooong time happened when we got to the golf course. As my uncle was unloading our golf bags, looking around, I didn’t notice the hand-me-down set that I borrowed from my grandfather. But what I diiiiiiid see, was this beautiful white and teal bag! Puzzled, I asked who they belonged to….

My uncle smiled and goes, “Happy Early Birthday,Image from your grandparents!” 

So. Shocked.


I have played a couple of times since that Sunday and am slloooooooowly starting to  get the hang of it. Soooo excited for this new hobby! Still can’t believe my luck. Ya never know until you try, right? 😉




Have you randomly tried something out and surprised yourself? Any golf tips??