Dream vacation

Hey guys and gals!

Whew. What a crazy past few days. I’ve worked literally all day every day since I returned home from one of the best vacations I’ve been on. Why is it always so hard to come back to reality after a week of fun? Ohhh well.  Oh! I also had a birthday! Yay!

Soooo whhhere did I go?

Boston & Newwww Yorrrrk City! WOOT WOOT






BIRTHDAY CUPCAKES from Sweet Cupcakes, Boston.  🙂 Helllooooo mid-twenties. 







I had never been to either of these places before. It was so nice to visit my brother and his wife in Boston. NYC was a blast. I only wish we were able to stay longer. Oh well, there is always next time, right? 😉  Overall, definitely an amazing time with great company. Who could ask for more??


Have you ever been to NYC or Boston?/ What do you recommend visiting at either of those places??






P.S-  I FINALLY tried CROSSFIT! I LOVED it. It helped having a friend who knew was he was doing to help me get more comfortable, but I’m definitely hooked. I only wish it weren’t so darn expensive. :/ 



Life IS Good

Hey ya’ll!




…isn’t that the darn truth?

I saw this tee shirt at my work the other day and just knew I HAD to buy it, only to find out  that they only had a Men’s small left. Poo.  Thank goodness for online shopping!



I want it SO bad. My brother and his wife live in bean town and when tragedy struck there, it really hit close to home. I just love that 10% of just ONE tee shirt purchase is donated to help kids in need.


Speaking of life being good, I came across this little blurb this morning and thought I’d share it with you guys. This comes from the Online Counseling College tumblr, which is one of my favorite spots to check out for inspiration. They always have the greatest quotes and pieces of advice for just about anything one could be experiencing. Because ya’ll, we are all in this together.

How to Increase your Happiness

1. Experiment to find out what makes you happy.  The answer will be different for different people.

2. Develop a network of supportive friends who love you as you are, who will be there when you need them.

3. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude, and don’t forget to notice when little things go well!

4. Be the type of persons who’s focused on solutions and isn’t always bogged by problems, or complaints.

5.  Accept that nothing’s perfect – and problems will occur. It doesn’t mean it’s hopeless or things will never change.

6. Treat yourself, and others, with kindness and respect. Remember we’re all struggling to find our way in life.




Hope you guys have a wonderful day!

Much love.