Motivation Monday!

Hey guys!

Welcome to a spankin’ new week. I am sure most of you are thinking, “Great. A full week of work ahead.” Well STOP! Don’t look at it as a possible very long and stressful week of work, instead, take it day by day. Think of fun little things every day to look forward to. These things don’t have to cost money, take up a lot of time, or ruin your diet.

Speaking of which, let’s talk diets.

I would love to give ya’ll some advice on them: Nix them.

Seriously. Any diet you are on right now, just stop. Why? They do not work! I guarantee we all have been on some sort of diet in our life (guilty) and one small mess up, and we just throw in the towel and give up. Am I right?

So what should you do, you ask? Focus on a lifestyle change. Start small. If you mess up, don’t feel like a failure, just do better next time. I have an 80/20 (80% clean eats: 20% treats) rule to my eating. Yeah, it should probably be more like 90/10, but it is summer and I like ice cream. BUT, I also work out just about every day, so for me, that ratio works. However, it could be different for my very best friend in the entire world or your twin sister.

How do I define clean eats? Simple. Unprocessed foods, lean meats, whole grains, and anything grown from the Earth.

How do I define treats? You guessed it. Creamy condiments (think dressings, mayo, BBQ sauce), high fat foods, and obviously the sweet treats I love so much.

The reason why I am so against diets is because most, if not all, are impossible to follow long term. Some are unhealthy and many will more than likely cause you to gain back all the weight you tried so hard to loose (if not more).





Take a moment and really think about your actual diet. The one that you eat every day without putting in any thought. I mean, really think about it. BE HONEST with yourself. Is it really healthy?? Are there a few things you could change that would create HUGE differences in your weight or figure?  Changing small things allows you to more likely stick to it and make it easier to add in new healthier changes, sllooooowly.


eat well earn your body hard to beat



Happy Monday. 🙂





Hunger Games workout

Happy Friday, ya’ll! TGIF… Am I right?!

I meant to share this with you yesterday, but I became so busy that I didn’t find myself next to a computer.

Is it me, or has the weather been gorgeous lately? Unless I guess, you are living in the midwest. You may not be experiencing the same glorious sunshine and cooler temperatures as us East Coasters. I have been spending so much time indoors that I really wanted to get OUTSIDE. So after completing this circuit workout beauty, I decided to hit the park by my old high school and go all Katniss, Hunger Games style on the wooded trails. I have to say it was THE MOST fun run I have done in a very long time. Just one with nature.

Between the two workouts, I felt pretty good and had so much energy.

Anyways, have you all heard of this? A new study is showing that diet sodas and artificial sweeteners don’t help with weight loss! This is actually something I have heard in my undergraduate studies, so I am glad that these are finally making headlines.

Not to mention, where we live affects our health! County by county, your zipcode matters.

Take a gander at this news segment from the TODAY show…

Fascinating, huh? Just something to think about…

Till next time!



Motivation Monday (…er Tuesday)!


I really hope your day is going well. Mine is flying by! 

I decided to start a segment called, “Motivation Monday,” in which every Monday, I’ll post something that motivated me mentally and physically that will hopefully help you all stay motivated for the week! I know, I know today is Tuesday, buuuut better late than never, right?! Thought so. Which brings me to my next motivational point… 

It’s better late than never…so start NOW.

This idea came to me this morning when I was completing this workout. My gosh was it a killer. She kills me EVERY. TIIIME. But I mean, LOOK at her. It’s obvious that she works hard for that killer bod, so that must mean that’s what ya gotta do to get lookin’ like that! I literally had to PUSH myself and think of motivating words as I was silently speaking words of hatred. Between being super sore from my leg workout and my arm/spinning workout yesterday, my body just did not want to do a thing. Which is why I’m taking the day off tomorrow. 😉   WOOT WOOT to rest days!

So today I leave you with one of my favorite quotes and some encouraging words…

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.








What’s your favorite motivation? Motivational quote?