Dear Cookie Butter…

I miss you. I really do. 


Image source

You had me hooked from day 1. It was my first time in Trader Joe’s when I saw your cute, vintage inspired font, looking face jar, and knew it was love. I thought I’d give you a try and take you home. You know what? I was right.

It was love. 

Sadly, I moved from that beautiful city of Cincinnati, and even further from the 10 min drive convenience of your store. I bought 2 jars to hold me over and quickly realized it was not enough.

I live in the country now and terribly, terribly miss you. The closest store to me is 50 MILES away. Heartbreaking.

Don’t worry, I will find you again. Our reunion will be magical, delicious, and my taste buds will forever be happy again.





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