Hunger Games workout

Happy Friday, ya’ll! TGIF… Am I right?!

I meant to share this with you yesterday, but I became so busy that I didn’t find myself next to a computer.

Is it me, or has the weather been gorgeous lately? Unless I guess, you are living in the midwest. You may not be experiencing the same glorious sunshine and cooler temperatures as us East Coasters. I have been spending so much time indoors that I really wanted to get OUTSIDE. So after completing this circuit workout beauty, I decided to hit the park by my old high school and go all Katniss, Hunger Games style on the wooded trails. I have to say it was THE MOST fun run I have done in a very long time. Just one with nature.

Between the two workouts, I felt pretty good and had so much energy.

Anyways, have you all heard of this? A new study is showing that diet sodas and artificial sweeteners don’t help with weight loss! This is actually something I have heard in my undergraduate studies, so I am glad that these are finally making headlines.

Not to mention, where we live affects our health! County by county, your zipcode matters.

Take a gander at this news segment from the TODAY show…

Fascinating, huh? Just something to think about…

Till next time!




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